Our Team

As we now live in a fast-growing world, we do not intend to lag behind in our service delivery. It is on this background that we combine a working team that cuts across generations. We employ the best of hands that an organization of this status can offer. We also make sure that our members of staff are regularly sent on required training to keep them attuned to the latest packages and technological development in various areas of specialties.


In Bertola Machine-Tool Ltd, we efficiently assemble and test machines bought from us. we only repair machines bought from us. So it is advisable to buy from us and enjoy the benefits of our good and professional services.


Team of our engineers servicing and repairing Bosch Products in our ultra-modern Bosch Service Centre.


Our services made manifest in the display of various skills and talents in our branches and departments, are professionally coordinated and managed by great personalities employed in the organization. These are personalities whose versatile abilities cannot be relegated to the realm of insignificance because their works are conspicuously felt. Hence, insist on Bertola services and quality.